Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Joel Grind’s The YELLOWGOAT Sessions: First Single Unleashed

Gristle up your holiday caroling with “Cross Damnation," the first single from Joel Grind's The YELLOWGOAT Sessions offering. Recorded as a TOXIC HOLOCAUST return-to-form of sorts (think the Critical Mass demo), The YELLOWGOAT Sessions are raw, unrefined, reverbed out, distorted to hell and violently delicious.

Comments Joel Grind of the release: “I decided to not call this a TOXIC HOLOCAUST record for a few reasons. The main one being that TOXIC has sort of morphed from being a solo project to now being a full band. That's not saying you won’t see other ‘solo’ TOXIC material, but for right now it's definitely a solid band. Also, this record is definitely less thrash and more dirty rock ‘n’ roll. Finally, I didn't want to just slap the TOXIC name on it to sell it. I recorded this because I was anxious to record something like this again without over thinking things.”

“Cross Damnation" is currently available as a free download with the optional suggested donation of $1.00 USD from the following sites:



The full album will be released digitally January 15, 2013 with vinyl to follow in late February via Acid Rat Records.You can preview the entire album here at THIS LOCATION.


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Joel Grind "The YELLOWGOAT Sessions" release date

Joel Grind "The YELLOWGOAT Sessions" to be released Tuesday January 15, 2013 digitally with a 12" LP to follow in late February or early March.

Recorded as sort of a return to form of the demo era of Toxic Holocaust (Critical Mass in particular). Raw, stripped down, reverbed and distorted to hell.

I decided to not call this a Toxic Holocaust record for a few reasons. The main one being Toxic has sort of morphed from being a solo project to now being a full band. That's not saying you wont see other "solo" Toxic material, but for right now it's definitely a solid band. Also, this record is definitely less Thrash and more dirty Rock n Roll and finally I didn't want to just slap the Toxic name on it to sell it. I recorded this because I was anxious to record something like this again with out over thinking it.

Recorded in two days in a rehearsal room.
All instruments by Joel Grind.

01 Ascension (Intro)
02 Hell's Master of Hell
03 Vengeance Spell
04 Foul Spirit Within
05 Cross Damnation
06 Grave Encounters
07 Black Order
08 The Eternal One
09 Hail to Cruelty
10 Descension (Outro)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Joel Grind "The YELLOWGOAT Sessions"

People keep asking me about this record. I'm in the process of remixing it as I felt the original mix didn't quite capture what I was going for. The first mix seemed a little tame, it wasn't quite as paint peeling as I planned. The future mix will be more in line what was intended: A total wall of noise. I had a few labels show interest in releasing it but I may do a self released LP. I will be releasing it under my own name so it will be released as follows: "Joel Grind: The YELLOWGOAT Sessions". 

Some questions have arose about why this isn't being released under the name Toxic Holocaust since it's sort of a back to my roots (Critical Mass demo era) type record. Reason being, I feel Toxic has sort of entered a new phase with this current lineup and it feels less like the solo project it started out as and now feels like a real band...the way I envisioned Toxic from the very beginning. Not to mention "The YELLOWGOAT Sessions" is not really rooted in Thrash Metal, its more dirty Rock n Roll meets Black Metal, not unlike early Bathory (where the name is lifted from).

Stay tuned for updates.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

War Ripper's 2007 EP on Itunes and new music in a biker movie

 War Ripper "Hellstorm" EP on Itunes now!

In other news, I just did some new instrumental music for a movie based loosely on the Hell's Angels written by Sonny Bardger. I'll post more details as they come.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

New project's name is revealed!

After a sudden burst of creativity/madness I started recording a bunch of new material that is all over the map, the first installment is titled YELLOWGOAT, or more specifically The YELLOWGOAT Sessions.

Everything is mixed and now it just needs to be sequenced and mastered.
Just got insanely evil art work from Chris Moyen too.

Expect raw and filthy metal just like my favorite records and demo's. Names like Von, Beherit, Voor, Bathory, and Sodom come to mind. Reverb, Fuzz and Acid.

Some tracks to preview will be going up this week!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Satan's Rock n' Roll

The new project I'm working on is taking shape, everything is recorded except vocals which will probably be recorded next weekend. I still don't have a name for this yet but I'll keep you updated.

After that I will start the recording of the new War Ripper mLP. I have to go through countless amount of songs that I wrote and see which ones make the cut.

I talked to Yasuyuki today about Tiger Junkies and we are going to record a new record next year!

Check back for more updates.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Tiger Junkies newz

We recorded some tracks in the same session as the split with C.O.T. and Bludwulf but we are still waiting for them to be released. The title will be "Green Tea or Die". I actually have some other tracks written but I haven't sent them to Yasuyuki yet. More sex, drugs and Metal Punk.

Tiger Junkies shirts and records available at: http://www.indiemerch.com/toxicholocaust/

War Ripper is stll active...sorta

I know I've been saying there will be another War Ripper record....and there will be, I just have been so busy with Toxic Holocaust there really hasn't been any time to do anything else. Things are starting to die down a bit now though so I can finally catch up on a lot of things I've been wanting to get around to. I've written many War Ripper songs that I just haven't recorded properly yet (unless you want to hear the acoustic guitar into iPhone recording).

I still have some War Ripper shirts available over at Indie Merch.

The 2007 EP Hellstorm is on iTunes too. Buy it you cheap fuck!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

In the dungeons again...

I just got finished recording the drum tracks over at Soundbite Rehearsals for a full length record for a yet to be named project. 9 tracks and I'm playing everything on it...drums, guitars, bass and vocals and recording it myself. Old habits die hard I guess!

This is raw stripped down and dirty Metal not unlike the earlier Toxic Holocaust recordings (Evil Never Dies and before) as well as Bathory, Motörhead and even Von and Beherit. Let's just say...raw, evil and REVERB.

I will be posting some sample stuff to download once its close to being ready so you can check it out.