Sunday, November 11, 2012

Joel Grind "The YELLOWGOAT Sessions"

People keep asking me about this record. I'm in the process of remixing it as I felt the original mix didn't quite capture what I was going for. The first mix seemed a little tame, it wasn't quite as paint peeling as I planned. The future mix will be more in line what was intended: A total wall of noise. I had a few labels show interest in releasing it but I may do a self released LP. I will be releasing it under my own name so it will be released as follows: "Joel Grind: The YELLOWGOAT Sessions". 

Some questions have arose about why this isn't being released under the name Toxic Holocaust since it's sort of a back to my roots (Critical Mass demo era) type record. Reason being, I feel Toxic has sort of entered a new phase with this current lineup and it feels less like the solo project it started out as and now feels like a real band...the way I envisioned Toxic from the very beginning. Not to mention "The YELLOWGOAT Sessions" is not really rooted in Thrash Metal, its more dirty Rock n Roll meets Black Metal, not unlike early Bathory (where the name is lifted from).

Stay tuned for updates.