Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Joel Grind "Follow and Believe" 7" - Coming April 15th

Joel Grind "Follow & Believe" single sided 7"
Two fucked up, robotic and apocalyptic tracks originally released in 2001.
Totally DIY hand assembled as well as painted by Joel Grind. (Each copy is unique)
Limited to 135 copies never to be pressed again.
Acid Rat Record 002 

April 15th release date

"After the "Radiation Sickness" demo in 1999 the original Toxic Holocaust lineup sort of fizzled out but I was still left with the urge to continue creating music. I decided to forge on alone....without really knowing what to do or how to do it, I learned as I went. I wanted to be free to create without the confines of people's egos, lame influences, and/or general laziness. This period, while at times pretty spotty listening back years later, was a lot of fun. I used to record daily, making up new songs on the spot and recording them. This record you are holding was originally released under the name Toxic Holocaust in the autumn of 2001. It was a split with my close friends Dave's band Oprichniki. My two tracks from this release were a big departure from the Toxic Holocaust sound, focusing less on the Thrash Metal that I'm known for and going in a more robotic and apocalyptic direction. Lyrically though, the themes remain consistent: anti-religion (Follow and Believe) as well as doomsday (World at End). This re-release comes about because a lot of people have asked me about these songs over the years, as well as seeing the original record going for absurd amount of money. It's being released under my own name this time because I didn't want any Toxic fan to feel cheated if they bought this record and expect it to be different musically.
Enjoy the tunes and never be afraid to do what you want, your own way.
Joel Grind / Jan. 2013"